Snake River drowning victim is a BYU - Idaho student

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Idaho - Officials say the Snake River drowning victim was A BYU-Idaho student.

Twenty six year old, Scott Hart was one of four kayakers boating between Twin Bridges and the Menan-Lorenzo Bridge around one o'clock in the afternoon Saturday. Hart was in a two-person kayak with his wife, Marcia Hart, also 26 years of age. Both were BYU-Idaho students.

The Harts' kayak was swept into a tree along the river's edge. Marcia was able to climb to shore.Her husband became trapped under branches.

Their friends, Richard and Jalissa Robinson of Sugar City, were in their own single person kayaks. They avoid the tree and called 911 from further downstream.

All four kayakers were wearing life jackets, according to a news release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.