Small dogs fly to Boise

BOISE, Idaho - 54 dogs now have a temporary home at the Idaho Humane Society. But these new pals had to travel a long way to get here.

"They are coming to us from shelters where they struggle to find homes for these little dogs," said Idaho Humane Society spokesperson Hannah Parpart.

Pilot Peter Rork is the president of Dog Is My Copilot. He flew 15 small breed dogs from Scottsdale, Arizona to Boise Saturday.

"Boise has a 100 percent adoption rate, Scottsdale has a 7 percent adoption rate, so we fly up the Arizona littles and they are much more easily adopted up here," said Rork.

He says Arizona shelters are overrun with small dogs and there is a demand for them here in the treasure valley.

"It's a stronger economic community, the people are better dog people and there are much fewer smaller dogs here," said Rork.

The shelter is able to take in all these dogs, because a new location at Petsmart has helped get more homeless pets into forever homes.

"8 million animals a year are in shelters and half of them are euthanized, anything you guys can do to help would be great," said Rork.

If you are thinking about adding a new pet to your family, the small dog adoption fee is $150.