Skyview High puts new security system to the test

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- School is a place to learn and Skyview High School is putting a new security system to the test.

Some 75 staff members at Skyview have volunteered to wear electronic badges that instantly send emergency alerts.

Need help with a fist fight in class?

Push the red button.

What about a medical emergency?

"Like a seizure or asthma attack," says school resource officer Brad Ford with Nampa Police. "If you need medically trained staff in your classroom, all you do is push the blue button."

In the event the worst case happens, say somebody gets in the school with a weapon, you simply pull on the lanyard and it sends out a lockdown message in four seconds and automatically notifies police."

Computers at strategic places throughout the school show where the color-coded badge wearers are in real time, screens also monitored by police dispatchers.

"Just after Sandy Hook, we were talking about different products, different ideas to make school safer," said counselor Mandy Petty. "This is the one that really captured our eye."

It's designed by a Virginia company and was orginially designed to for mental health facilities.

It costs $32,000.

But hang on, the financially strapped school district isn't paying for it.
The money comes from an anonymous out-of-state donor who was convinced by Skyview High the system would be ideal for school safety.

Now the idea is becoming a reality.