Sidewalks buckling due to extreme heat in Treasure Valley

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Dozens of sidewalks around the Treasure Valley have begun to buckle due to the extreme heat.

Craig Quintana, chief information officer for the Ada County Highway District, said it's not uncommon for sidewalks to buckle during the heat - the sheer number, however, is what's getting noticed.

"(The number of sidewalks buckling) it's not really common," Quintana said. "On a regular summer we'll have maybe a handful, but it's not just the extreme heat, it's the consecutive days of high heat."

ACHD says more than 20 sidewalks in the area have buckled and there could be more as the summer progresses. The Treasure Valley has had several days of 100-degree temperatures.

On Monday, the high temp hit 110 degrees, just one degree short of the hottest temperature ever recorded for Boise. | Pics of Buckled Sidewalks

"It's a dramatic increase from what we normally see," Quintana said.

Highway district workers will begin fixing the sidewalks as well as hire contractors to fix the job in the coming days.

"People don't think concrete expands, but in this heat even concrete likes to spread out," he said.