Shutdown puts the ax on federal firewood permits

HORSESHOE BEND, Idaho (KBOI) -- At Ray's Corner Market in Horseshoe Bend, you can get almost anything you want -- except a federal permit to cut firewood in a national forest.

You guessed it, the shutdown strikes again, leaving some people in the cold.

Those federal firewood permits were a popular item at Ray's, but...

"Due to the government shutdown, they're not staffing the forest service station," said Steve Whitely with Ray's Corner Market. "So they cannot resell us the permits that we in turn resell."

At Ray's Corner Market, a signs says "forest service fuelwood permits sold here".

Well, not right now, not with the shutdown and it's one aspect of the closure that's catching a lot of people by surprise.

Nicole States' family just bought a wood stove and heard of the permit freeze at Ray's.

"Well, I'm going go home and tell my husband and uncle," she said. "And they're going to be pretty shocked probably that they can't go up and get wood this week."

Firewood permits cost $12.50 per cord and can purchase up to 10 cords per household each year.

But not right now, not as it's getting colder and the political stalemate in Washington DC continues to burn.