Shutdown causing havoc with some travel plans

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Betty Bradley of Meridian had planned a fun-filled visit to her sister in Fargo, North Dakota but the government shutdown put a damper on the fun in Fargo.

"She has to work now," Betty explained. "She's one of what they call essential employees in the federal government so she can't take leave while I'm there. That's not going to be much fun."

Betty still plans to drive to Fargo, but many others are cancelling trips -- especially to national parks.

For example, some people had made plans top take a train to the Grand Canyon but with the government shutdown, the park's closed.

Travel agent Sheila Kent with AAA of Idaho says she's encountering growing frustration as people are forced to cancel plans they laid months ago.

"I had one gal in here the other day who was going to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon," Kent said. "Now she can't."