Shutdown affecting Mtn. Home: 'You still got to pay the bills'

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KBOI) - 300 contractors from Mountain Home Air Force Base are still furloughed. While local businesses aren't feeling the effects yet, they say they will if the shutdown goes much longer.

Jess Woods, who owns a hair salon in Mountain Home, said they already know it's affecting people's bottom line.She worries many women will put off getting cuts and colors because it's not a necessity.

"A lot of the wives and stuff of some of the contractors are probably going to have to put it off," said Woods. "I heard on the radio it's one of the first things to go. There were a couple of ladies on there saying 'oh we are going to stop doing this, and stop doing that.' Nail and hair were some of the first things."

We ran into Robbie Robinson, who says his granddaughter and her husband were both furloughed from the base. He hopes it won't have a big impact as long as it ends soon.

"I understand that when this all over they are going to give them back pay, but that doesn't help you in the meantime. You still got to pay the bills," said Robinson.

Others say they aren't as worried, but note the uncertainty of the situation is very concerning.