Should downtown roads be changed?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Sometimes downtown can be a real pain to drive through. But a new proposal would help with congestion and make the area more accessible.

The Ada County Highway District is hoping to make some changes to downtown, to get people moving.

Among the ideas, changing some one-way streets into two-way streets, although specific areas for this type of change haven't yet been pinned down. Also, round-a-bouts would be added instead of lights or stop signs. But not everyone is on board with the changes.

"It seems like it would help, but it doesn't seem like there's that much room for would be nice to have two ways for the flow, but it seems like it might take up a lot of space doing that," said Cameron Anderson, a Boise resident.

"Not sure why they are doing it. It seems to slow people down or make things safer, but it seems like a strange thing to do," said Steve Jerman, a Meridian resident

Almost everyone agreed: Traffic can get backed up.

"Definitely lots of traffic jams around 5 o'clock, it's hard to get through," said Marianna Budinkova, a Boise State student.

The highway district hopes the changes would make the area more welcoming.

"Boise is such a great place to live and so if they have more lanes it would help a lot for people to just move through, " Budinkova said.

The proposed plan isn't just for the roads, it's also to make the sidewalks and bike paths wider and more accessible.