Shooting threat prompts quick response from Meridian officials

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Officials with the Meridian School District are taking precautions after a report of a threat to the school has been circulating among students.

The district says they starting hearing Monday about something that was going to happen at Centennial High School on Friday.

The threat has now escalated into reports that there is going to be a gunman on campus Friday.

The district says they have not been able to verify the threat, but they are taking it seriously.

The message is being spread via text and Facebook.

Right now, officials say they have three different Student Resource Officers trying to track down the actual texts.

The district says the text messages have now made their way to other area high schools.

As a precaution, Centennial has canceled its Friday assembly.

The principal sent home a letter with students Tuesday letting parents know what's going on.

The district says they are treating this threat like they do all others, although there's a heightened sense of panic in the community because of the events in Connecticut.