Sheriff: Teen records video of man threatening him with knife at park

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A 16-year-old boy recorded an Eagle man threatening him with a knife on his cellphone at an Eagle park over the weekend, the Ada County Sheriff's Office says.

And it's the video which led to the arrest of an 18-year-old, Eagle Police say.

The sheriff's office says a 16-year-old boy and girl were walking toward the swings at Orbal Krasen Park Sunday evening when Jordan Charles and another girl walked up to the pair and asked if they had any smokes.

The boy said they didn't, but made a comment about "thug life" when Charles whipped out a knife and started walking toward the swings. It was also the same time when the 16-year-old started video taping the incident.

"Charles got about a foot away from the boy on the swing and began to threaten him, placing the knife in the path of the swing and telling the boy he was going to "cut (him) up," the sheriff's office said in a news release.

Charles and the girl he was with then walked by the teen's car and threatened to cut the tires before walking away.

The boy and girl on the swings then left the park and later called police.

Eagle Police found Charles at the park Monday morning wearing the same clothes he had on the day before. He's been charged with aggravated assault and faces up to five years in prison.

Police say the video will not be released as the incident is still under investigation.