Sheriff: Bad guy gets in school despite lockdown

MARSING, Idaho (KBOI) - Marsing School District's lockdown procedures are in question after a wanted man makes his way inside Marsing High School.

It all started when a concerned driver called the Owyhee County Sheriff's Office about a reckless driver around 9:30 this morning. Officers say that led them to William Calvillo at the junction of Highway 55 and Highway 95. But once they got there, they say he took off going more than 100 miles per hour, jumped a ditch, drove through a cornfield and then lost them.

Deputies called the Marsing School District and told school officials to lock down the elementary, middle and high schools, because they say Calvillo was headed that way. The schools followed procedure, but there was one problem at Marsing High.

"Unfortunately, it appears there might have been a door left ajar," Norm Stewart, Superintendent of Marsing Schools told KBOI.

Investigators say Calvillo's drive ended behind the high school, where he was then able to enter through the back door that wasn't locked.

Owyhee County Sheriff Perry Grant tells KBOI once Calvillo made it inside, he ran upstairs, peered into several classrooms then went in a bathroom where he left his coat and car keys. Grant says Calvillo then ran out of the other side of the school, and deputies caught him shortly after.

No students or faculty were harmed, but officials say the fact that Calvillo made it through the high school raises concern to the reliability of its lockdown methods.

"It's events like this that make you realize that even though you have those procedures, sometimes things come up," Stewart said.

Sheriff Grant says he's already looking into the school's lockdown procedures and plans to make changes in all schools throughout Owyhee County.

"He didn't appear to have any ill intentions with any of the students, which was a great thing," Grant said. "But this could happen again with someone that may have ill intentions, and we need to make sure we're on top of it."