Shakespeare Festival worries about subdivision proximity

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- All the world's a stage, according to William Shakespeare.

But some say a proposed 43-home subdivision would be too close to one stage in particular -- the Idaho Shakespeare Festival's outdoor amphitheater.

Mike Reineck, who lives in the Mill District at Harris Ranch, shares that concern.

"You sit out in the trees, listen to the river, and enjoy the show," he said. "And that is threatened by this development."

The proposal calls for homes to be built on 12 acres near the festival. Some homes would be just several hundred feet from the Shakespeare outdoor stage.

The Festival fears the result would be a clash of competing noises, disrupting the Festival's performances, plus annoying new residents.

The director of the Shakespeare Festival says the overriding question in his mind is one of compatibility: can a 43 home subdivision exist without conflict so close the Shakespeare Amphitheater?

We could not reach developer Jim Conger for comment but he previously told the Idaho Statesman sound studies indicate the subdivision would have no effect on the Shakespeare performances.

But the Shakespeare Festival worries it might once again have to look for another home.

Update: The Boise Planning and Zoning Commission voted 3-1 against the proposed subdivision at a hearing Monday evening. It's unclear whether Conger will appeal the ruling.