Several pieces of art could be removed from Grove Plaza

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) Familiar artwork could soon be moved out of a popular downtown spot.

If Gardner Company moves forward with plans to build its City Center Plaza, three pieces of art in the Grove Plaza will be removed to make way for construction crews and equipment.

One piece, "Historic Sight: Boise Chinatown," will be stored away and then put back in its original spot. A second piece, "Keepsies," will be moved to Fort Boise temporarily. However, both pieces of art will be put back after construction wraps up.

A third piece of art, "Heliotrope" will have to find a permanent new home.

Many say Boise's beauty rests in the trees and scenic landscape, but others argue that artwork has become more prominent in the cityscape.

"When I first saw Boise I was really into it, I loved that it was really vibrant and that there was a lot of good art and color," Boise resident Amanda Stone said. "That was definitely an attraction when I got here, it's really amazing."

City of Boise Public Arts Manager Karen Bubb said she's encouraged by the rise of art in downtown Boise.

"It's really great," Bubb said. "I see people becoming more connected to their community through the art and learning about the stories of Boise through the art."

However, three of these pieces will be removed if Gardner Company builds its City Center Plaza. "Heliotrope," which stands 16 feet tall, will have to be removed and relocated somewhere along 8th Street.

"We will hire the artist and a team of people to literally unearth the sculpture...transport it by crane, create new footings and re-install it at a new site," Bubb said.

Compare it to moving furniture, but most told KBOI this art movement is just part of a constantly evolving cityscape.

"I think it's natural to have to move things like that," Boise resident Wade Darrell said. "The new stuff they just put up so might as well put it anywhere."

If plans move forward, Bubb said these pieces will be removed before the end of May.