Semi plows through slow down traffic on Interstate-84

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho State Police were called to investigate a multi vehicle crash Thursday afternoon on Interstate- 84 near the Boise Stage Stop. The wreck happened in the west bound lanes going toward Boise when drivers say traffic came to a stop up ahead.

"I was stopped because all the traffic up here was stopped so I stopped and the lady in the black car right here stopped and the grey car hit her and it was just a chain reaction after that," Michael Wood said, who was the driver of the first car in the accident.

Ada County paramedics say five people were sent to the hospital and two were uninjured. All are adults.

ISP says the car that caused the accident was going highway speed when it came up to stopped traffic. It pulled to the left and hit a car in the right lane.

"Situations like this are usually caused by a lot of last second reactions and they could be avoided if people would pay more attention to what's going on further down the road," officer Andrew Nakashima said.