Security not a threat to Gowen Field during DC shooting

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Colonel Tim Marsano of the Idaho National Guard says that they were not in any heightened security mode after what happened at the Navy Yard. They say that even though they think the Washington, D.C. shooting is an isolated event its security team is prepared for any unexpected surprises that may happen here on base at Gowen Field.

"Our folks would likely shelter in place unless they're in the immediate vicinity of a shooter in which case we would encourage them to escape any way that they could," the colonel said. Computer alerts would go out to all base work stations alerting personnel to any threat that may be on base.

The colonel says that before anyone is allowed on the base, a contractor or anyone wanting to access to the base would have to go through a thorough driver's license check and a criminal background check. A background check could be done in a matter of minutes at the main entrance.

Just like in Washington, base officials say that Gowen Field would be in total lock down until the threat was over. And while the base does feel confident in their emergency procedures they still feel for their fellow men and woman that were under attack.

"It's a very sad day for us in the military, a deplorable shooting for us in a military installation. You know our soldiers and our airmen go oversees expecting that they might be I harm's way, but to come back and have to face it at home," Marsano said.