Seattle PD: Suspect beats up blind man for hitting car with cane

SEATTLE -- A legally blind man was beaten up after hitting a car parked on the sidewalk with his walking cane Friday afternoon in Beacon Hill, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim, who uses a red and white walking cane but can still make out vague objects, was walking in the 2500 block of Rainier Avenue South around 3 p.m. when he perceived what he believed was a car parked on the sidewalk.

The victim used his walking cane to find the car's front tire and then walked around the car. The victim yelled at the car's occupants for stopping on the sidewalk, and the suspect yelled at the victim for hitting his car.

According to the report, the victim kept walking when the suspect suddenly hit him from behind.

A witness later told officers he watched the suspect push the victim to the ground and stomp and kick him multiple times.

According to the report, the witness tried to stop the attack, but the suspect pulled out a knife and threatened him with it.

The suspect, as well as a woman he was with, got back into their car and drove off. The witness flagged down officers, who arrived to find the victim bleeding from his ear and with a bump on the side of his head.

After speaking with witnesses, officers realized they had caught the suspect on their in-car video prior to being flagged down.

The suspect is described as an approximately 6-foot-tall, 250-pound black man with a heavy build wearing an oversized red T-shirt and blue jeans. The woman who was with him was wearing a full-length dress with black and white horizontal stripes.

The suspects were driving in a 2005 maroon Chrysler Sebring with four doors and large chrome rims.