Season of Wishes: "I want to see the Green Bay Packers"

BOISE, Idaho- During the holidays KBOI 2News is introducing you to Make-A-Wish children and volunteers.

Jim and Lisa Nutt are proud of their son, Cody. The 9th grader has been through an awful lot this past year.

"In the middle of the summer I got sick and went to the hospital and they found out I had some things going on," said Cody.

Cody had a heart anomaly and epilepsy. He was air lifted to Portland where Cody had surgery, but that didn't work so he went to Boston for open heart surgery.

During his medical treatment Cody found out the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho was granting him a wish.

"It was great finding out it was going to happen because it's been a very difficult year," said Lisa and Jim.

Cody decided he wanted to go to a Green Bay Packers game and his wish granters got started!

"I'm expecting to go to the game, have fun and meet the players," said Cody.

Cody, his parents, and two older brothers will be in Green Bay for the December 9th game against the Detroit Lions. We'll post pictures once the family has gotten back home.