Search to begin for new Boise ombudsman

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Pierce Murphy was named community ombudsman in 1999 when community distrust of the Boise Police was at an all time high.

Those days are gone, and now, so is Murphy, leaving for a similar job in Seattle.

People we talked to say they'll miss Murphy but they believe the City of Boise should keep the office of ombudsman.

"I think they should keep it open. It gives credibility to the whole system," said Nancy Viano of Boise. "It helps people understand more about police actions, and citizen actions. (Murphy's) done a wonderful job. I wish him the best."

"I think he did an excellent job," said Chuck and i think that office ought to continue."

A city hall spokesman says Mayor Dave Bieter agrees.

Pierce Murphy may be gone, but the ombudsman's office remains open and soon a nationwide search will begin for his replacement.

In the meantime, Deputy Director Dennis Dunn will handle ombudsman duties so those services will continue.