Search for woman at 'Craters' hindered by bad weather

BOISE, Idaho (AP) Searchers scaled back efforts to find a second missing Boise woman at Craters of the Moon National Monument on Sunday as a storm system with winds up to 65 mph moved through central Idaho.

National Park Service spokeswoman Traci Weaver says crews are also assessing the likely survivability of 63-year-old Jo Elliott-Blakeslee.

"We're all trying to keep our head up and our hopes up, but it's been a long week," she said.

Officials say she entered the Craters of the Moon area last week on a short day hike without food, water or protective clothing.

Searchers found the body of 69-year-old Amy Linkert Wednesday. She appeared to have died from exposure.

"If Dr. Elliott-Blakeslee was sheltered up somewhere, if she were injured, it'd be impossible to see her from the air," Weaver said. "But it was from a helicopter that we found Amy Linkert."

About 20 searchers are in the area Sunday, down from about 70 on Saturday.

The women were reported missing Sept. 23 when Elliot-Blakeslee, a physician, didn't show up for work at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Ore.


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