Search drawing down for missing Boise woman

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The search is drawing down for the second woman who went missing at the Craters of the Moon National Monument a week ago, said spokeswoman Traci Weaver.

Weaver said the area they're searching is just four or five square miles, but the landscape makes the job difficult.

"I just think people that haven't actually been here and seen this have a hard time understanding how difficult it is to find somebody who we really don't think hiked all that far from her truck," she said.

A body founded Wednesday was initially misidentified. Officials now say they found Amy Linkert dead. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee is still missing.

"If Dr. Elliott-Blakeslee was sheltered up somewhere, if she were injured, it'd be impossible to see her from the air," Weaver said. "But it was from a helicopter that we found Amy Linkert."

About 70 searchers were out Saturday, and there were 50 Friday. Those numbers will go down in the days ahead, according to Weaver.

"We're all trying to keep our head up and our hopes up, but it's been a long week," she said.

High winds and cold temperatures will make searching the difficult terrain even more difficult, she said. Although the search will continue Sunday and in the days ahead, fewer people will be on the ground and in the air looking for Elliott-Blakeslee.