Search continues for man who went missing in Snake River

PAYETTE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police say a 28 year old man disappeared Saturday evening while swimming at Centennial Park in Payette. Now they're calling their search a body recovery.

Rescuers say the man's fiancee was trying to teach him how to swim in the Snake River. They say he got caught in a bad undertow, and it was just seconds before he was gone.

Crews arrived about thirty minutes after he disappeared. They searched until dark Saturday night and all day on Sunday.

Payette, Washington and Malheur County rescuers are using sonar boats and jet skis for the search. They say they're pretty certain the man's body isn't still in the area he went missing in, so they've begun searching 13 miles away in Washington County as well.

Payette County Sheriff Lieutenant Clarence Costner says his team won't stop searching until they find him.

"We'll find him eventually," Costner said, "It just takes time. And the water being at 80 degrees, hopefully he'll surface soon and we'll be able to get the family some closure."

Lieutenant Costner tells us it could still take several days to find the man's body. His name will be released once he's found.