School Levy Voter Guide - Emmett, Homedale & Parma

EMMETT, Idaho (KBOI) - A handful of small school districts will be holding levy elections Tuesday to help raise funds for operations, maintenance and staffing.

Emmett School District

The school district is asking voters to approve a $1.4 million levy for the next two years for a total of $2.8 million.

The proposed levy will replace the current levies that expired in June 2013. This levy is $298,000 per year more than the current levies. Property owners would pay $2.34/$1,000 or $49 more per year for $100,000 in taxable value.

As an example, a typical homeowner with a house assessed at $150,000 and a homeowner's exemption of $75,000 currently pays $138.67.

This will increase to $176.17or an increase of $37.50 per year.

Parma School District

The school district is seeking up to a10-year levy - $2.5 million total. Renewal of existing levy, so taxes would not go up. Needs super-majority to pass.

The levy would mostly go toward building maintenance, possible purchases of schools or buildings and to purchase school buses.

Homedale School District

The Homedale School District is asking for a two-year levy worth $968,200. Property taxes would increase of $193.44 per year on a home valued $75,000. The levy would go toward restoring teacher positions, safety, improve school and parent communication system. Needs 50 percent plus one vote to pass.