Salmon fishermen's haul jacked in Riggins

RIGGINS, Idaho (KBOI) - Some Idaho fisherman are talking about the one that got away.

A handful of Idaho fishermen had a several salmon stolen from their coolers and boats in an unusual fish theft over the weekend.

Dustin Helmick of Hailey called KBOI-TV Monday to explain what happened.

"It's the worst thing that's ever happened to me when I've gone fishing," Helmick said.

Helmick and some friends were staying at the Best Western off Highway 95 after a relatively successful fishing trip on the Salmon River. They spent 15 hours on the river and hauled in a nice catch of fresh salmon.

At some point overnight, however, someone snagged Helmick's fish from a cooler and took off. He wasn't the only one. The Idaho Sheriff's says several fishermen in the Riggins area filed a stolen fish report.

"We live in a great state and we don't need this happening," Helmick said. "I was just disappointed."

Sheriff Doug Giddings said it's an unusual case for his deputies - doesn't happen too often, he says.

"When they steal salmon, and they make it out of the parking lot, it's hard to identify the fish," Giddings said. "There's always a thief in the crowd."

Giddings said deputies are following a few leads to help them track down the suspect. Who ever stole the salmon also snagged some gear, which can be identified.