Safely donate to help Oklahoma victims

BOISE, Idaho- It's hard to believe that someone would use a tragedy to rip you off, but every time a major disaster happens there are crooks out there just looking to take advantage of you.

The Better Business Bureau says never donate money to anyone who calls, emails or texts you first.

"Legitimate organizations that are non-profit, working to help those people in Oklahoma are going to be so busy with feet on the ground doing the good work that they aren't going to have time to do phone solicitations raising money," said BBB director Dale Dixon.

The Red Cross agrees, they say always contact the charity you would like to support directly.

"The thing that I highly recommend is if you want to make a donation to the events, contact the Red Cross yourself and always verify the credentials of any organization that is attempting to fundraise for the Red Cross," said Red Cross Development Officer Christopher Davis.

Doing a little homework will make sure that you don't get ripped off and your money gets to where it is needed most.

"If you just give to the first person who calls you up and says hey we are collecting money, we are collecting donations, you don't know necessarily to whom you are giving the money, that's why it's so important that you do the research, that you initiate that phone call," said Dixon.