Road block for rep. wanting to nix state health insurance exchange

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A proposal to repeal Idaho's health insurance exchange was not passed into printing today, but instead held for one week for review.

That's because Representative Lenore Barrett already introduced it to another committee a couple weeks ago. When it wasn't getting the support she wanted, she had bill writers re-work it and reintroduced it.

"You take the same bill that's going down the toilet in the other committee and you 'RS' it."

Representative Barrett introduced a personal bill to the Ways and Means committee at the end of January. The proposal aims to put an end to Your Health Idaho, forcing the federal government to take over. After it was reworked, she reintroduced it to the State Affairs Committee.

"They change just enough, but they don't change the bill," said Rep. Barrett. "It's like i go back and I put on a different shade of lipstick. I'm still Lenore Barrett, but i just have a funnier looking mouth."

But that didn't sit well with some, especially the chairman of the committee it was already introduced in. He said no one approached him for a hearing or anything else after the measure was reworked.

"I think that there needs to be a substitute notion that this be returned to the sponsor and there needs to be discussion with the chairman of Ways and Means," said Rep. Neil Anderson.

When asked if Representative Barrett had a response, the Vice Chair had to step in.

"Probably not to his satisfaction, Representative Anderson, are you chairman of ways and means?" asked Rep. Barrett.

"Representative Barrett, we won't question the committee members, but, yes representative Anderson is the chairman of our Ways and Means committee," said Representative Gayle Batt, vice chair of the committee.

After a short break, it was ruled the proposal be reviewed and if approved, lawmakers will meet again in one week for another print hearing.