Reward for information about shot dog

BOISE, Idaho - Popeye the pug was shot and killed on January 2nd. Unfortunately Popeye's owners tell us that the police haven't gotten any information about who shot Popeye. But the Engebrechts are still holding out hope and the reward is their last ditch effort.

Thanks to help from the community, there is now a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever shot the pug. This is on top of a $1,000 reward from Crime Stoppers.

"At this point we just want folks to know that there is a reward available. We're hoping that it just encourages somebody to say something," said Denise Engebrecht.

Engebrecht says she's amazed by the support her family has gotten from the community.

"We've had cards and flowers come in from people we don't even know. It's been such a blessing. Everyone of course is upset and this is obviously a dog loving community cause they have just been outpouring their love on us. It's been great," said Engebrecht.

Popeye was shot between 6:15 and 6:45 pm on Gekkler lane near Ridgefield in Southeast Boise. The Engebrechts are hoping that someone saw or heard something.

Tuesday the Engebrechts along with some friends knocked on neighbors doors and handed out fliers.

"It's important that the neighbors know that something like this happened, it's important that we find this person. We can't have people blowing off firearms in the neighborhood, it's just not safe. And it's important that we find this person and they are caught," said Engebrecht.

If you have information about who shot popeye call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.