Resolution aims at adding legislature oversight to Idaho Constitution

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In 1990, the Idaho Supreme Court narrowly upheld the legislature's power to veto rules written by state agencies like Health and Welfare, Fish and Game and Education.

Now some lawmakers want the legislature's authority over state agencies protected by more than just a court ruling.

They want it added to the Idaho Constitution by a vote of the people in November.

Is it some sort of a power grab?

"Not at all," said Sen. Curt McKenzie. The Nampa Republican is a cosponsor of the resolution. He says the purpose is to protect citizens from excessive regulation by state agencies

"Every year, we review those rules to make sure the agencies aren't overstepping their bounds in regulating the people of Idaho."

Part of the proposed constitutional amendment would read like this: "no rule shall supersede the legislature's authority..."

If it's added to the constitution, McKenzie says the legislature's oversight power could not be overturned by a future court ruling.

House Joint Resolution No. 1 needs a two-thirds vote in both the house and senate to land on the ballot in November, where it could pass with a simple majority vote from the people.