Residents gearing up for recall effort of Filer mayor and city council

FILER, Idaho (KBOI) - There is an effort underway to recall Filer Mayor Rick Dunn and the city council. This comes after residents said they were disappointed with how an officer involved dog shooting was handled.

A Facebook page has been created called "Recall Filer Mayor Rick Dunn."

The page's administrator, who wants to remain anonymous, said this is about past issues, but was also brought about because of how the city handled the dog shooting.

"They kind of shut the process out for awhile and again left a really sour taste in a lot of people's mouths. Again the council and the mayor don't have the interest of what the citizens want in mind."

Filer Police Officer Tarek Hassani shot a dog back on Feb. 8th that was acting aggressively and barking at him while responding to a call.

While the shooting was ruled justified, the investigation did cite several issues on how he responded, and other steps that could have taken.

The mayor and city council decided officer Hassani would get extra training but would remain on the payroll.

The group cannot file a recall petition until April 7th because according to state law an official must be in office for at least 90 days before they can be recalled. The mayor and council were sworn in on January 7.

The group said they only need 20 signatures to get the recall process started, and then 201 signatures to get a recall election on the ballot.