Residents brainstorm ideas for Hillside to Hollow Reserve

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Residents came together to brainstorm, plan, and even compromise on plans for the Hillside to Hollow Reserve in Boise. This is the second phase toward a final plan.

Nearly 100 people were at Hillside Junior High, and broke up into small groups to brainstorm separate ideas.

Before the City of Boise bought this area of the foothills it was used for decades by residents. Because there was no landlord many of the trails were made over time without planning. Planners now have to decide what trails to consolidate and other considerations for all users.

Some residents, especially mountain bikers, are worried some trails will be closed because they are too steep. Those like Mike Edwards of Boise would like to see a different standard.

"We need to take a unique perspective on how we look at this property, and not just immediately jump to conclusions on whether a 10 percent grade should be shutdown or included. I think we need to look at more whether it's causing erosion things like that."

Officials said they could start to finalize their plans by the end of summer, but how much it will cost, and what would be implemented is still unclear.