Residents affected by Roosevelt St. hit and run begin to repair the damage

The brick wall separating Shiplett's yard from her neighbors was destroyed by the crash.

Robbin Shiplett was driving home on Friday night when she got stuck by a road block. She saw flames by her house and started to panic.

“Well at first I was concerned about my house,” Shiplett said. “And then as soon as I was ascertained that my house was OK I was worried about who might have been involved and hoping that everybody would be OK.”

Shiplett is a resident of Roosevelt Street where around 7:30 p.m. on Friday a crash resulted in one bicyclist in the hospital, a car going up in flames, and a pursuit that ended in Owyhee County.

Police say it started when the driver of a gray SUV hit another vehicle and then hit a bicyclist on the side of the road. The car then caught fire and the driver took off.

The man fled the scene, stole a motorcycle and then led police on a chase for about 30 miles, according to officers. He was eventually caught by Nampa PD and taken into custody.

“It’s the kind of bad thing that happens on a movie like that doesn’t happen in real life. We were just kind of thrown by how much damage one car can do,” Shiplett said.

She says the crash destroyed a brick wall on her lawn, burned a tree and crushed her garden. Shiplett says she doesn’t know who will pay to repair the damage, but is just happy her neighbors were not hurt.

“If the wall had been less strong he could have hit the neighbors wall. My neighbors have kids and play in their yard all the time I am so thankful that they were not playing when this happened.”

The cyclist was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police say he is just over 20 years old.

Officers are looking for witnesses so if you have more information about the incident please call 343-COPS.