Republican Party passes resolution for Bibles inside public schools

BOISE, Idaho, (KBOI) -- The Idaho Republican Party wants to give public schools the option of including Bibles in the curriculum.

That's the meat of a resolution passed at the party's summer meeting.

David Johnston, Republican Party Executive Director, tells KBOI 2News the Bible would be used in multiple subjects just like a textbook.

"I don't see it as a forcing upon anybody or interfering with it," said Johnston. "Whether it be geography, history, literature or frankly just the study of the world religions; if there is a school district that thinks having the Bible as part of the curriculum would be useful, this resolution is basically saying, 'we support the idea of allowing them to have that tool in their tool box.'"

We surveyed some Idahoans to find out what they think of the idea.

"Look at it from a history point, cool. Make them believe it and test them on the theology part? I think that's dumb in a public school," said Joel Hunter, Boise resident.

"I think this is a country built on freedom of speech and I think it's great," said Michelle Sligar, Boise resident.

"For public education, where tax dollars are being used, I really feel that the separation between church and state needs to be respected," said Jessica Weddle, Boise resident.

Johnston says using the scripture wouldn't be a requirement. School administrators could decide on curriculum for themselves as long as they're in compliance with Idaho state law and the U.S. Constitution.

The Republican resolution also calls for public schools to be able to offer elective classes to study the Bible if students, parents or school district officials request it.

The party hopes a lawmaker will turn these ideas into a bill for next year's legislative session.

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