Report puts Kuna school bus driver at fault for deadly crash

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Idaho Transportation Department released a vehicle collision report that says the school bus driver is at fault for the crash that killed an 11-year-old boy Dec. 5.

The Canyon County Prosecutors office says no one is being charged at this time.

The report issued by ITD says the driver of the 1974 dump truck tried to stop for the 1998 bus, managed by the Kuna School District, when it pulled into the intersection in front of him.

He steered off the road on the right shoulder, and then came back onto the road and hit the school bus. The bus, driven by Debra Boatwright, lost control and spun around. While out of control, the bus hit a stop and street sign before coming to a stop.

"Boatwright failed to yield from the stop sign for eastbound Deer Flat Road traffic and entered the intersection...," the report states.

The crash narrative also says 11-year-old Daniel Cook was on the passenger side of the bus in the 11th row when the crash happened. Cook, a student at Crimson Point Elementary, was killed by the crash.

The report states the dump truck driver had used marijuana, but does not state the time frame in which he used it. The Canyon County Prosecutors office is waiting for a toxicology report on both drivers, which they say they will take a couple weeks.

A spokeswoman for Idaho State Police says she couldn't comment on how all the information in the report was found; it was handed over to the Canyon County Prosecutors office.

When KBOI reporters were on scene in December, there was a second bus brought to the intersection that investigators were using to do an acceleration test and reconstruct the scene. Photos were also being taken by investigators from a fire truck ladder that was lifted into the sky for an aerial view of the intersection.

A spokeswoman for the Kuna School District says they have not seen the report and as of Wednesday morning police had not contacted them. She says the school continues to support Boatwright at this time.