Recognize this? Sun peaks out Thursday, Treasure Valley rejoices

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The inversion lifted Thursday, and the entire Treasure Valley breathed a sigh of relief.

It's been about two weeks since the sun has peaked through the layer of low clouds. Those 14 days of gray hung heavy over the Treasure Valley.

"I've been so depressed about all the gray," Boise resident Robyn Schultz said

"It was awful," added Jodi Bolen. "MY sinuses were bothering me, my throat was scratchy. It was that yucky gray sky, it was bad."

The two take a break from work every day and walk outside to get some fresh air. However, they say it became really hard to do when the inversion was at its thickest, and actually stopped going outside regularly.

Many others say when they went outside, it was because they forced themselves.

"We still tried to get out, but it's not nearly as fun when it's freezing rain," Courtney Rush said.

But then Thursday, the sun broke through the low clouds, and people said they were on cloud nine.

"This is delightful," Boise resident Nat Golden said. "You feel the sun radiating on you. It just feels good!"

"We need our shades on!" Rush said. She and her daughters spent the morning at the Train Depot, looking at fish and running around. "We're singing, and we just have an overall better attitude."

Golden spent quality time with his dogs, while sporting Hawaiian shorts.

"I guess i just happened to wear these," Golden joked. "I really came to show off my dope socks."

All jokes aside, even social media got involved with poking fun at the inversion. A Twitter account was created called @Boise_Inversion.

KBOI talked with the person behind the account, who says they've been home very sick this week, and were simply looking to create some entertainment.

Then today, @Boise_Inversion tweeted farewell to the Treasure Valley. As much as we may like to believe that because Twitter says it, it's true, the potential for another inversion lingers for the next couple of months.