Rattlesnake found in Oregon TV station parking lot

EUGENE, Ore. - There are rattlesnakes in Eugene.

This we know.

"They have always been in the hills of the Eugene area for a long time," Curtis Crawford said on Facebook.

Yet it still comes as a surprise.

"Yikes!" Karin Pike commented. "I didn't know we had rattlers over here *gulp*"

This particular snake had curled up under a car in the KVAL parking lot, up under the broadcast towers west of Spencer Butte in the South Hills.

"I believe there's a warning sign on Spencer's Butte as well warning visitors," Janea Danyelle Pratt noted.

An employee walking to his car heard the tell-tale rattle.

So why is it here?

"In the evenings this time of year through fall, they will coil up on the street/blacktop pavement because it holds heat and they love it, just like when you have a pet snake and they have a 'hot' rock for their cage and they coil up on that," Jaime Grayson said.

That came as small comfort to folks who are afraid of snakes and saw the 11 p.m. news or the post on the KVAL News Facebook on Wednesday.

"After reading the comments, I'm getting freaked out! I hate poisonous snakes with a passion," Dawn Wilson commented. "I will probably have nightmares tonight!"