Race to Robie Creek takes a closer look at security

BOISE,Idaho (KBOI) - Organizers of the Race to Robie Creek are taking a closer look at their security measures after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

In the decades the race has been happening they have never thought something like this could be an issue. Committee member Brain Rencher said they already had meetings planned for this week, and security will be one of the top issues.

"I think we will up our security a little bit at both the start and the finish and along the course," said Rencher. "It's a very tough access to get into the finish we monitor everyone that comes in anyways."

Organizers say they will talk with both Boise PD and the Boise County Sheriffs Department to see where they can improve security. Even so Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson said even with the perfect plan in place bad things can still happen. He notes that the safest thing people can do is to stay vigilant, and if they see something suspicious to report it.

The race is expected to go ahead as planned and organizers don't believe they will have to make many changes. They said access to the finish line is always hard do to it's location. They already check people who come in and out.