Protecting kids from sexual predators

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Matthew Angell is charged with several counts of lewd conduct, and prosecutors gave details of the alleged crimes in court Thursday.

Experts said there are things parents need to look for when it comes to signs of sexual abuse. Often it happens from a family member or close friend so many don't expect it.

According to officials form the special victims unit of the Canyon County Prosecutors Office, many predators will gain the trust of their victims over time with what's called "grooming." Experts note this is not just done on a child, but parents as well.

"What they're doing is getting the family to trust them so that if and when the child makes the disclosure, that child is not going to be believed." said SVU Prosecutor Erica Kallin.

Parents should always look for a change in mood and behavior, or not wanting to be left alone with certain people.

In many cases children don't know something bad is happening so they need to feel safe telling their parent immediately. In some cases children won't say anything for years if they feel guilty or ashamed.