Prosecutors: Man dismembered body with ax, bone saw

IDAHO CITY, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Nampa man suspected of a 2008 murder of an Idaho City resident has pleaded not guilty.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office says Michael Dauber of Nampa was arrested in March for murdering Steven Kalogerakos of Idaho City. Officials had originally believed Kalogerakos went missing.

According to court documents, Dauber shot and killed Kalogerakos on or near December 27, 2007 with a pistol. But in Boise County Court on Thursday morning, prosecutors said Kalogerakos's body was dismembered.

Boise County Prosecutor Ian Gee told the judge that Dauber has spoken about Kalogerakos's death with others.

"He's admitted to killing Steve Kalogerakos to four different witnesses," Gee said.

Gee told the court that Dauber explained the murder to three of those witnesses to intimidate them while making drug deals. Gee also said that in order to create fear, Dauber told gruesome details of what he did when he killed Kalogerakos.

"Mr. Dauber, in this case, as an aggravated factor also admitted to dismembering the body of Steven Kalogerakos with an ax and a bone saw," Gee said. "The forensic evidence in this case supports that admission. The fact that he then took those body parts, put them in a plastic bag in a rough sack and dumped them in a shallow grave."

Dauber stood silent and a judge entered the not guilty plea on his behalf. A trial has been scheduled for September.