Proposed new downtown transit center moving forward...or is it?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Somebody screwed up, but who?

That's the question that seems to be going back and forth between the State and Valley Regional Transit.

VRT seemed to think a proposed new transit center was a done deal.

But emails from the state spell-out another story. Since last year, VRT has been hoping to build a new $12-million-dollar transit center that would replace a parking lot at 8th and Jefferson in downtown Boise.

The proposed location is across the street from the Idaho Statehouse.

The State Department of Lands manages the lot and has been considering the request.

Wednesday, they denied it, citing feedback from nearby businesses and Idaho lawmakers.

"Direct access on the street from the Capitol is not an ideal thing for downtown Boise and the Capitol Mall," says Idaho Land Board spokesperson Emily Callihan. "So the Department of Lands, given that feedback, has decided not to move forward with the proposal."

So the State denied VRT on Wednesday.

Case Closed.

The problem is, Friday morning, VRT sent a news release saying they had the green light and were "moving forward" with the project.

"I'm not sure about what led to that release of information. It's not accurate," Callihan says.

Later Friday afternoon, VRT sent out a second news release saying they were "unaware" that they had been denied on Wednesday.

We wanted to know how that could happen with millions of dollars on the line.

So we called them several times, and also emailed them. We have not heard back.

The State told us they're bound by constitutional amendment to get as much money for that parking lot as possible.

And they think they could get more than what the revenue from a transit center could provide.

We are still waiting to hear from Valley Regional Transit about the issue. This story will be updated when we learn more.