Profiling a serial robber: If they got away with it once, they might do it again

Police are still accepting tips from the public. Contact them if you know anything that could help close this case by calling (208) 377-6790. (Courtesy: Boise Police)

Boise Police are still searching for a man they believe committed six robberies in the Treasure Valley in less than a month.

KBOI 2News asked a local crime expert about the profile of suspects like this man.

"Serial robbers, or 'career' robbers, are likely individuals who have had a criminal history that has continued to progress to a point that they now feel comfortable brandishing and/or using a weapon," said Mackenzie Wood, a criminal justice instructor at the College of Western Idaho.

Woods also said when a criminal doesn't get caught, that makes them increasingly confident committing the crime again.

This man has now gotten away with six armed robberies. Woods also mentions that in the Treasure Valley in particular, methamphetamine use is popular, so robberies like this are possibly situations of an individual looking for resources to supply their next high.

The man police are searching for has been stealing cash from businesses. Woods comments that serial robbers are usually going to steal things they can carry on their person, such as cash, small electronics or jewelry.

Boise police says these robberies are their top case right now. If you recognize or have any information about this man you can call crime stoppers at 343-Cops.