Pro-gun rights supporters march through downtown Boise


More than 100 gun rights supporters met at the Grove this afternoon then marched up Capital Blvd. to the statehouse steps for a rally.

A number of speakers took the podium sharing their thoughts on gun rights.

One key speaker says they’re asking the legislature for a “Castle Doctrine.” If it became law, it would protect a homeowner who shoots and killing intruder in their home.

“For some odd reason, being a state that we are usually very pro-gun, we have the hardest time passing good gun laws,” said Tammy Nichols of Caldwell.

“The current statute says they are presumed guilty of murder and it’s up to the people that had to defend their lives to prove that their life was in jeopardy to justify in defending their homes,” Greg Pruett of Idaho Second Amendment Alliance said.

Pruitt goes on to say he feels that gun rights across the country have been eroded, even here in Idaho.

He says Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will continue urging lawmakers to pass pro-gun laws its identified as necessary.