Power-up! Summit empowers after school programs in Idaho

Attendees at the Power-up! Summit get ready for their afternoon meeting at Boise State.

How do you teach a child outside the classroom? That's what they’re talking about Wednesday and Thursday at the Power-up Summit in Boise.

The summit is for people from around Idaho who run after-school programs.

They get to see the latest gadgets and services offered and share ideas about ways to expand and improve what they do.

Marie Hattaway, the Director of the Idaho Afterschool Network, explained, “The Power-up Summit is a statewide conference that brings people together to connect them to partners that might have products or services that can really enrich kids during an out of school time.”

Also at the summit is Andrew Fletcher with the State Department of Education. He can help school districts and community-based organizations with funding. “I get to provide technical assistance to make sure our programs are high quality and the kids are having fun.”

The summit continues Thursday morning in the Simplot Ballroom at Boise State.

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