Postal workers protest cutting Saturday mail

BOISE, Idaho - Several dozen people gathered at the Idaho Statehouse Sunday to protest cutting Saturday mail delivery.

Post Office supporters at the rally said ending 6 day a week mail delivery would be more than just an inconvenience. They said it would hurt small businesses, the elderly and rural areas.

"My customers love getting their mail on Saturday. I have a day care that I take my grandson to, she depends on that mail on Saturdays, a lot of her checks come in," said letter carrier Kath Houst.

Troy Ingraham is a member of the American Postal Workers Union and he says losing Saturday service would mean losing jobs.

"We are one of the largest employers of veterans in this country and we don't need to diminish our job base, we need to increase it," said Ingraham.

Richard Draper says in rural areas people rely on the postal service to deliver medicine, checks and goods.

"We need to let the public know that there is a big misconception that Saturday mail going away not being a big deal when it truly is," said Draper.