Pooch survives shotgun blast near Lake Lowell

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) -- Animal rescue workers say a stray dog nicknamed Plato somehow managed to survive a shotgun blast.

Plato was found at Lake Lowell earlier in the month with buckshot pellets scattered throughout his body.

"Our veterinarian Dr. Neher performed surgery to remove the buckshot, but Plato still needs a place to heal for a couple weeks," Canyon County Animal Shelter said on its Facebook page.

The pooch is an 18-month-old Chihuahua mix who weighs 15 pounds.

A Canyon County Animal worker told KBOI Monday that it's apparent Plato was running away when he was shot in the backside.

A veterinarian volunteered to remove the debris and managed to take out multiple pellets. It looks as if he was shot more than once.

Plato, who's in stable condition, has open wounds, and is now looking for a medical foster home to help recover at this time.

"He's happy, alert and snugly," Canyon County officials tell KBOI.

The shelter said because the dog is a stray, it's impossible to know when the dog was shot, so no report was filed.


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