Pooch survives gunshot wound after chasing police officer

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise Police says an officer had to shoot an aggressive dog following a domestic disturbance call Sunday morning.

When officers arrived at a trailer home on the 3600 block of Patricia Lane they say they could hear yelling from the home.

As officers approached the trailer, police say a large dog ran passed an open gate into the street toward an officer who turned to run. The second officer, BPD says, fired his gun and hit the dog in the shoulder.

Russell Lortz, 36, said his wife was having a panic attack, which led to the initial call. Lortz heard the gunshots and couldn't believe what had happened.

Police and Lortz have differing accounts of whether the gate was open. Lortz told KBOI 2News he's confident the gate was closed, but Boise PD says it was open when officers arrived.

"I screamed out why did you guys shoot my dog, it was in my yard," Lortz said. "I thought he was dying, but it's a miracle he survived."

The dog, a 5-year-old Australian Bandog "Scrappy Doo" was shot at five times, but hit twice. Three rounds hit Lortz' 2003 Subaru -- which hit his tires and door.

"They shot my dog, but killed my vehicle," Lortz said.

Officials say property managers and a neighbor told a BPD officer there have been other issues with the dogs, and whether it was supposed to be on the property.