Police warn about plastic bottle bombs

NAMPA, Idaho- A homemade explosive was found by a 13 year old on Rolling Green Street this weekend. Now police are warning residents to be on the look out for plastic bottles left in yards and streets.

The plastic bottle bombs are made with common household items. police see them quite often and they are usually pranks.

"They are put on someone's doorstep or mailbox. We've never had any indication that they were trying to target or injure someone," said Sgt Tim Randall.

The one this weekend just looked like trash left in the street. The 13 year old boy was not injured but police says the blasts can blow off fingers, cause chemical burns and even blindness.

"One of the things about these devices is that they don't always go off and someone else comes along and just the slightest movement can cause them to go off," said Randall.

Brian Eilers lives right across the street from where the plastic bottle bomb was found this weekend. He has six kids and the discovery makes him nervous.

"There is a school right there, there are churches everywhere, all this stuff since the Boston bombing it's just getting crazy," said Eilers.

Today he told his kids not to touch any bottles they find outside.

"You are messing with chemicals that these kids know nothing about," said Eilers.

The bombs are most often placed in two-liter pop bottles but they can also be in milk jugs or any other plastic container.

Police say the bottles are often bulging, have a colored liquid inside or sometimes foam. If you find one, don't touch it, call police.