Police say lookout for longhaired salesman with no id

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise Police have a message to homeowners to be on the lookout for salesman coming to your door. Some may be out to steal from you when you're not around. Boise police are investigating a certain pattern in at least three burglaries that have hit northwest Boise neighborhoods.

They report the thefts have occurred during the day and are high dollar crimes. Police are alerting neighborhoods to keep an eye out for unlicensed salesman working the area. "I wouldn't think about that. I wouldn't ever ask to look for a permit or anything like that because I've been in Girl Scouts and we've always gone door to door," Savannah Huskey said.

In Boise solicitors have to have a permit to be able to go door to door. Police reports say that the burglars may be posing as carpet cleaners and may be scoping out the house as they make their pitch. Police recommend not to let salesmen into your home, ask to see a city license to sell and be cautious about giving out personal information. Billie Jo Hafterson said, "It just blows me away I am always worried about people coming into the neighborhood and like taking stuff so it just scares me. "

Police are on the lookout for two longhaired men that have ponytails seen wearing button down shirts and khaki pants. They say that the men quickly leave when questioned further. "I don't answer the door really a lot to any soliciting because I don't have any money," Hafterson said.