Police: Ore. officer kicked in head as protesters clash with cops

EUGENE, Ore. - A protester kicked an officer in the head while police tried to break up a scuffle between plainclothes police and protesters at the Lane County public services building.

Lt. Eric Klinko with Eugene Police said another man was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief after writing in chalk on the Lane County Building's windows and walls.

Another man was arrested after kicking a police officer in the head while police were attempting to break up a fighting between plainclothes officers and other SLEEPS protesters, police said. That man faces a charge of assaulting a public safety officer. The officer is OK, with only minor injuries, police said.

Police arrested Larry Michael Pleasant, 54, on charges of assault on a public safety officer and interfering with police.

Police also arrested Joshua Orin Tomkin, 25, on a charge of Criminal Mishchier III. Tomkin was also cited for prohibited camping.

Rusty Lee Savage, 19, was cited for prohibited camping.

Protesters said they have the right to be on the upper level plaza of the building and that expressing their opinion with chalk after their signs were allegedly removed by county officials is a First Amendment protected right to free speech.

Protestors said two of them were issued citations for illegal camping and that police seized two tents and other sleeping items as evidence.

Protesters told a reporter they were protesting war in Syria and "war on the Eugene streets," which they described as "constant harrasment of police on kids, homeless and everyone."