Police: Ore. driver tried to bribe officer to avoid a ticket

CORVALLIS, Ore. - A driver pulled over for running a stop sign offered a police officer a bribe in an attempt to avoid the ticket, Corvallis Police said.

An officer stopped a car driven by Brian Henshaw, 40, of Albany for failing to obey a stop sign at NW Jackson Avenue and NW 28th Street in Corvallis just after 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

As the officer was issuing the citation, Henshaw offered the officer money to avoid the ticket, police said.

No currency was shown, and Henshaw offered the officer less than the $260 bail carried by the citation he faced, police said. They declined to disclose the actual dollar amount.

The interaction was recorded on video and audio, and Henshaw had been advised the conversation was being recorded, according to police. Those recordings are a public record exempt from disclosure in Oregon pending prosecution of the charges.

The officer refused the bribe, wrote Henshaw the ticket and reported the incident to his supervisor.

Detectives followed up with Henshaw later that day. After interviewing him, he was placed under arrest on the charge of Bribe Giving, a Class B felony in Oregon. Police booked him into the Benton County Jail. He was released the same day.