Police: Man with ferret terrorizes Seattle doorman with ferret phobia

SEATTLE -- "Suspect had the mace in his hand and a white-colored ferret in his other hand."

That was the scene during a tense standoff between a ferret-owning pedestrian and a ferret-fearing doorman Saturday outside a Capitol Hill bar, according to the Seattle Police Deparment.

But, let's step back to the events that preceeded this seemingly fated collision.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim, a doorman for a bar in the 1400 block of 12th Avenue, first saw the suspect several weeks earlier as he was walking down the street holding his ferret.*

The victim doesn't like ferrets and over the coming weeks would go inside the bar whenever the suspect walked by.

According to the report, the suspect eventually figured out the victim didn't like his ferret and would make a point of stopping to talk to the victim, standing very close to him and pushing the ferret toward him. On these occasions, the victim said he would calmly and politely ask the suspect to back up.

Things escalated, and the suspect started pointing a can of pepper spray at the victim as he walked by the bar.

As the victim later told officers, he and the suspect have had "some stressed encounters in the past."

Around 7:40 p.m. Saturday, the victim was sitting on his stool outside the bar when the suspect, holding his ferret and pepper spray, again got uncomfortably close to him, according to the report. When the victim asked the the suspect to back up, the suspect reportedly pointed the pepper spray at the victim, holding it about 5 inches from the victim's eyes.

The victim later told officers this was the first time the suspect has made him feel threatened with the pepper spray.

According to the report, the two men got into a verbal confrontation, drawing the attention of one of the bar's servers, who went outside and separated them, at which point the suspect walked off and the victim called 911.

Officers were unable to find the suspect at the time, but he returned to the bar an hour later and threatened the victim with pepper spray again, according to the report. This time the victim took a picture of the suspect instead of confronting him.

Officers found the suspect near Broadway Avenue and East Pike Street. When stopped by an officer, the suspect raised his pepper spray toward the officer's face and had his finger on the trigger, according to the report.

The officer took the pepper spray away from the suspect, who was arrested for investigation of assault against an officer and harassment.

The victim was treated for high blood pressure.

*Note: Not a mormot.