Police: man connected to Ontario homicide on the loose, considered dangerous

ONTARIO, Oregon (KBOI) - Ontario police is looking for a man they say is armed, dangerous, and connected to a murder.

Officers say they are looking for 21-year-old Gregory Escobedo Jr., who they believe is connected to his father's death.

Police say Gregory Escobedo Sr. was stabbed multiple times in the upper body around 9:20 p.m. Monday. He was pronounced dead at St Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario.

A neighbor said his kids were playing outside when the stabbing happened and saw everything.

"They saw this guy that was standing on the stairs, he says that he went and started punching him or something, then the guy pushed him down the stairs and the other guy got up and went at him and he hit him with a knife," Rafael Martinez said. "(He) poked him a few times, said some words, and took off."

Martinez said he ran outside and saw the man stumbling on the front lawn and yelled to his girlfriend to call 911. When police arrived, they questioned the children about what they saw and then stayed at the house through the night.

One of Martinez's boys is just nine years old and is shaken up by what he saw.

"My kid comes inside and says, 'did you lock the door grandpa?' 'yes i did, don't worry about it, we're safe in the house," Martinez said.

Police said Escobedo Jr. is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. Anyone knowing where Escobedo Jr, is located or if anyone has information regarding this case should contact the Ontario Police Department at 541-889-7266.

Ontario Police would not go on camera, but said over the phone they believe this is a domestic issue.

Rafael Martinez said he worked maintenance for the apartment complex since it was built about eight years ago, and this isn't the first time he's seen someone killed there.

"Over on this side over here, there's been a couple of killings since I've been here," he said. "This one's been three already. One of them over here got shot, another one over there got stabbed, and then this one over here."

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